Shannon Park Elementary

Spring Concert

The Shannon Park Upper Elementary Spring Concert
“Shannon Park World Tour”
Tuesday, May 30th from 1:00pm -2:00pm.

Our afternoon concert will present to you music from 4 areas of the world. Eleven (11) classes will present songs from the UK in the form of sea shanties, different parts of Asia, parts of Africa and from Mexico/Central America/Caribbean.
o All music performed by the classes focusses on different points in the required curriculum.
The Choir (The Sharktones) and The Shannon Park Strummers Guitar club will also be performing.
We are asking you to be seated by 12:55 so that we can start directly at 1:00pm.
We are asking audience members: 
- If you will be taking students home or meeting children at exit doors;
o After the concert - Please exit the school the through the main doors and go around, outside, to the students’ exit doors as per normal. This will avoid major traffic jams and delays in the hallways.
- If you are taking pictures, for privacy reasons, please focus on your performer only.