Shannon Park Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Larade, Carol Anne Principal ext. 2301001
Hazel, Adele Vice Principal ext. 2301002
Cameron, Julie 100% School Counsellor ext. 2301003 Website
Leger, Paula 100% Administrative Assistant ext. 2301000
Manual, Louisa 50% Administrative Assistant ext 2301000
TBA, TBA 20% School Counsellor ext. 230 1000

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Arenburg, Melanie ECE Support - Pre Primary
Balaban, Gilda Violin Grades 4-6 ext. 2301000
Berends , Jamie-Lee (In for Danielle Moreau) Grade 1/2 French Immersion ext. 2301200
Boyle, Emily Grade 3 french immersion ext. 2301206
Chedraoui , Christine 50% Grade 5 FI
Clements, Nicole 3/4 French Immersion
Crofton, Courtney (On Leave) Grade 1 French Immerson & French Immersion Resourcce ext. 2301200
Delano, Cathy 100% Learning Centre Teacher
Dowie, Beth French Immersion Resource ext. 2301134
Dull, Kim Grade 5-6 French Immersion ext. 2301121
Figg, Jasmine Grade 6 French Immersion ext. 2301107
Goulden, Pamela Physical Education - 70% ext. 2301111
Graves, Doug Band ext. 2301000
Janusas, Jennifer Early Literacy Support Teacher - French Immersion ext. 2301201
Johnson, Alisha Grade P/1 French Immersion ext. 2301205
Kelly, Hunter Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 2301209
Lohnes, Jennifer (On Leave) 4 French Immersion
Lord, Natalie FI Early Literacy Support (APL) and Literacy Coach
Lucas, Nicole Grade 6 English ext. 2301105
MacDonald, Ellen Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 2301130
MacNeil, Kaleigh Grade 1/2 English ext. 2301133
McKay, Janet Grade 2/3 English ext. 2301129
McKenzie, Claire Grade 6 French Immersion ext. 2301104
McLaughlin (In for Lohnes) , Ben Grade 4 FI 902 464-2084
Monahan, Corinne Music - 30% ext. 2301000
Moreau, Danielle (On Leave) 1/2 French Immersion
Nemfield, Alexa Grade 4/5 French Immersion ext. 2301125
Parker, Meagan Grade 3/4 English ext. 2301110
Philpott, Deidre 100% Learning Centre ext. 2301000
Presse, Tara Grade 1 French Immersion ext. 2301202
Pruys, Krista Math Coach/Support
Pyatt-Ring, Melissa Marking & Prep Coverage 50%
Ross, Lori Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support Teacher English ext. 2301000
Sauntry, Laura Grade 4 French Immersion ext. 2301124
Sibley, Robin Grade P/1 Teacher English ext. 2301128
Stevens, Savanna Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 2301207
Tuck, Darren Music - 100% ext. 2301117
Varn, Gaelan 2/3 French Immersion ext. 2301122
Wall, Rebecca Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 2301132
Walters, Erin Physical Education 100% ext. 2301111
Ward, Chantal English Resource ext. 2301013
White, Sarah Grade 4/5 English ext. 2301106
Wiseman, Catherine Grade 1 French Immersion ext. 2301203

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Barnes, Dale-Marie Pre-Primary
Bidinost, Angela EPA
Branch, Kylie 80 % EPA
Brightman, Brenda Educational Program Assistant
Brown, Darrin Caretaker ext. 2301004
Chater, Raquel School Psycholgist
Craig, Kayla Pre-Primary Lead ext. 2301124
Decoste, Candace Library Support Specialist ext. 2301114
Fortin, Annmarie EPA
Garcia, Michelle Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902 471-1387
Gauvreau, Tracy Educational Program Assistant
Grant, Jermaine Caretaker ext. 2301004
Jewers, Brad School Social Worker 902-483-6127
Li, Fangling (Jennifer) Educational Program Assistant 80%
Manuel, Lousia Educational Program Assistant
Marshall, Phen African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker ext. 2301046
Murphy, Shauna Speech-Language Pathologist ext. 2301000
Scott, Josie Educational Program Assistant 80%
White, B. Scott Educational Program Assistant 50%