Shannon Park Elementary

Staff Directory

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Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Moreau, Danielle (On Leave) 1 french immersion
Dowie, Beth 100% French Immersion Resource ext. 2301121
Philpott, Deidre 100% Learning Centre ext. 2301127
Delano, Cathy 100% Learning Centre Teacher ext. 2301127
Varn, Gaelan 2/3 French Immersion ext. 2301205
Clements, Nicole 3/4 French Immersion ext. 2301204
Lohnes, Jennifer (On Leave) 4 French Immersion
Chedraoui , Christine 50% Grade 5 FI ext. 2301123
Somerton, John APSEA Teacher ext. 2301000
Graves, Doug Band ext. 2301000
Walling, Hazel Core French ext. 2301208
Janusas, Jennifer Early Literacy Support Teacher - French Immersion ext. 2301201
Snider, Amy Eng Math Support ext. 2301000
Ward, Chantal English Resource ext. 2301013
Lord, Natalie FI Early Literacy Support (APL) and Literacy Coach ext. 2301201
Collins, Laurie FI Math Support ext. 2301000
Kelly, Alison FI Math Support ext. 2301000
Figg, Jasmine Grade 6 French Immersion ext. 2301107
Presse, Tara Grade 1 French Immersion ext. 2301130
Wiseman, Catherine Grade 1 French Immersion ext. 2301129
Berends , Jamie-Lee (In for Danielle Moreau) Grade 1 French Immersion ext. 2301126
MacNeil, Kaleigh Grade 1/2 English ext. 2301125
Stevens, Savanna Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 2301207
Kelly, Hunter Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 2301209
McKay, Janet Grade 2/3 English ext. 2301203
Boyle, Emily Grade 3 french immersion ext. 2301206
Parker, Meagan Grade 3/4 English ext. 2301202
McLaughlin (In for Lohnes) , Ben Grade 4 FI ext. 2301122
Sauntry, Laura Grade 4 French Immersion ext. 2301120
White, Sarah Grade 4/5 English ext. 2301106
Nemfield, Alexa Grade 4/5 French Immersion ext. 2301121
Dull, Kim Grade 5-6 French Immersion ext. 2301110
Lucas, Nicole Grade 6 English ext. 2301105
McKenzie, Claire Grade 6 French Immersion ext. 2301104
Johnson, Alisha Grade P/1 French Immersion ext. 2301133
Sibley, Robin Grade P/1 Teacher English ext. 2301128
MacDonald, Ellen Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 2301131
Wall, Rebecca Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 2301132
Pyatt-Ring, Melissa Marking & Prep Coverage 50% ext. 2301000
Pruys, Krista Math Coach/Support ext. 2301000
Tuck, Darren Music - 100% ext. 2301117
Monahan, Corinne Music - 30% ext. 2301000
Goulden, Pamela Physical Education - 70% ext. 2301111
Walters, Erin Physical Education 100% ext. 2301111
Ross, Lori Reading Recovery and Early Literacy Support Teacher English ext. 2301000
Crofton, Courtney (On Leave) Teacher
Balaban, Gilda Violin Grades 4-6 ext. 2301000


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Leger, Paula 100% Administrative Assistant ext. 2301000
Cameron, Julie 100% School Counsellor ext. 2301003 Website
Barrett, Alisha 40% School Counsellor ext. 230 1000
Manual, Louisa 50% Administrative Assistant ext 2301000
Larade, Carol Anne Principal ext. 2301001
Hazel, Adele Vice Principal ext. 2301002

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Marshall, Phen African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker ext. 2301046
Grant, Jermaine Caretaker ext. 2301004
Brown, Darrin Caretaker ext. 2301004
Arenburg, Melanie ECE Support - Pre Primary
Gauvreau, Tracy Educational Program Assistant
Brightman, Brenda Educational Program Assistant
Manuel, Lousia Educational Program Assistant
Scott, Josie Educational Program Assistant 80%
Li, Fangling (Jennifer) Educational Program Assistant 80%
Martin, Sarah EPA
Puszkar, Margaret EPA
Bidinost, Angela EPA
Branch, Kylie EPA
Fortin, Annmarie EPA
Decoste, Candace Library Support Specialist ext. 2301114
TBA, TBA Pre-Primary
Craig, Kayla Pre-Primary Lead ext. 2301124
Chater, Raquel School Psycholgist ext. 2301000
Jewers, Brad School Social Worker 902-483-6127
Loomis, Korinne Schools Plus Assistant Lead 902-225-2200
Fraser, Aaron Schools Plus Child and Youth Care Practitioner
Garcia, Michelle Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902 471-1387
Murphy, Shauna Speech-Language Pathologist ext. 2301000